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How is your community addressing sustainability issues?

Niel Curley
Niel Curley asked

According to the Breaking New Ground: Promoting Environmental and Energy Programs in Local Government report only 1 in 6 local governments are adopting plans and procedures to address sustainability issues in their community.


What are some ways your community is encouraging and addressing the issue of sustainability at the local level?


Heidi Pruess

So in the broad view, Local Government strategic plans are sustainability plans...addressing all three pillars of sustainability. If you are talking about "Environmental Sustainability", Mecklenburg County has adopted as part of it's strategic plan a focus on "Sustainable Community". We have 5 indicies that are measured (air, water, waste, green space, and internal environmental leadership) and these measures are reported annually. The County does not have jurisdiction over energy broadening our scope to address this community issue is a challege (although not insurmountable). So the need to help local governments really define what sustainability means for them and how that fits into the larger community is the issue I see. We are beginning to have that discussion.

Salvatore Sclafani

You might be interested in the results of the ICMA survey on this topic at:

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