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Performance Measures: 911 Emergency Call Centers

Curtis Shaffer

While I have worked with the Center of Performance Measurement quite extensively in the past, CPM has yet to develop measures for local or regional 911 call centers. I am in the process of developing a new 911 strategic plan supporting our County and Public Safety Strategic plans.

While I have a number of reasonalbe draft KPI's based on our existing data sources, I would like to see if there are examples of outstanding 911 performance measures, leading and lagging indicators, or balanced scorecard measures currently used by other localities and/or regional 911 call centers. I am hoping that someone who has some examples that are established predictors for 911 performance.


Thomas Wieczorek

ICMA Center for Public Safety Management has worked with our strategic partner, iXP Corporation, on a number of communication studies that were part of comprehensive analyses of public safety service delivery. Some of the key points can be found in a presentation made by Rick Dale of iXP at this site:

You might also check their web page for specific city examples and/or copies of studies.

Tom Crawford

Curtis - the City of Ann Arbor is presently transferring responsibility for local 911 from in-house to a contract with county. This transfer includes peformance standards measured with the following. You may find these helpful since there was considerable discussion about these. AA = the city & WCSO = the county.

• Call volume (911 by jurisdiction; AA &
WCSO non emergency)
• Number of calls for service
• Speed to answer (mean, min, max)*
• Speed to dispatch / length of call hold

• Performance to budget
• Total OT hours
• OT percentage (# OT hrs./ #Tot. hrs.)
• Productive labor hours
• Cost per 911 call
(Emergency/nonemergency) (mean,
min, max)

Service Quality
• Officer satisfaction
• Command satisfaction
• Citizen satisfaction
• Call scoring (behavior-based)
• Number of complaints by jurisdiction

• Hours of training per employee
• Number of certifications per employee

Michael Smith

The City of Oklahoma City uses a family of measures approach, consisting of Results, Outputs, Demands and Efficiencies when considering performance of programs such as our 911 Communications program.
Result measures are:
% of emergency calls answered within 10 seconds
% of life threatening (Priority 1) calls dispatched within 2 minutes 30 seconds
Output measure:

of emergency calls serviced, both 911 and seven digit calls

Demand measure:

of calls received, both 911 and seven digit calls

Efficiency measure:
$ expenditure per call received
Additional performance measure information can be found on our public reporting site at:

Frances David

Looking for best practices and staffing standards for combined 9-1-1 center (fire, EMS, and Police). can anyone help me?

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