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Performance Bonds for Emerging Construction Firms

Justin Brugger

A few small, startup (less than two years old) construction firms have approached the City stating that they cannot secure the necessary surety bonds to bid on municipal projects. In an effort to ensure a competitive bidding environment and to support construction dollars recirculating within the community, I have been asked to collect information on what programs, if any, various municipalities use to encourage emerging businesses and help them overcome obstacles such as the one described above. If you have anything, please let me know. Thanks!


Alexandra Iannolo


I found a few resources that may be a helpful.

This is a guide from the Los Angeles Unified School District on the best practices for Competition and Procurement Planning.
This is an Audit done by Rutgers University on the NJ Comptroller’s office. They identify where the state was failing to foster competition and how to fix it.
The City of Charlotte completed a similar audit which can be viewed below.
Office of the New York State Comptroller has created a guide to Seeking Competition in Procurement.

Ali Iannolo
Knowledge Network Intern

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