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what is the mandate and reporting structure for a city environment manager

Jaya Chakravarty

with the current accent on environment considerations, the position of the city environment manager should be taking on increasing importance. i am a researcher trying to explore the various models that exist in cities for allocating mandate, authority to this position, e.g.
is the city env manager the responsible for legislating the environmental policy for a city?
do they act as watchdogs to ensure environmental compliance?
is there entire mandate a 'given' or are there some models where they acts as service providers that are contracted by other entities in the city to take care of certain environmental aspects.

havnt been able to get an answer to these questions based on existing models though many hypothetical models can be thought of.

if you are responding to this, please do refer the name of the city/ municipality where such roles are established and functioning

thank you


Alexandra Iannolo


I found some sample Departments of Environmental Quality whose job descriptions sound like the position you explained.
Roanoke, VA:
Dallas, TX:
I also included some articles you might find helpful for your research.
The article 16 Cities, 16 Approaches to Sustainability, discusses different things cities in Oregon did to improve sustainability.
I also included the article Too Good and It's True: Environmental Management Systems Provide Real Benefits to Local Governments which discusses best practices in Environmental Management Systems.

I hope these offer some help!
Ali Iannolo
Knowledge Network Intern

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