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Barriers to Social Media Use

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If your community is not yet using social media in its marketing mix, what is keeping you from doing so?


Erin Genest

Several things: fear of inapprioriate comments, fear of hackers, lack of staff time to keep content current and accurate

Richard Hoon

@Erin, inappropriate comments can easily be addressed with action taken based on set policies and staff time comes down to about 10 - 15 minutes per day. This time is worth its weight in gold in opening the doors of communication with your community, being transparent, showing that government is not an ogre (but rather human), and reaching a wider range of demographics. Staff time could also be saved by 1) instead of a news release for everything that happens, the amount can be reduced to "major" events, and 2) putting infromation on social media, say...a road closure...will let people know about it on their phones, at home, at work...and reduce the amount of angry phone calls staff receives.

I'm not sure I understand what you mean by fear of hackers: I remember it was something that was trendy in the 90's and is now more limited to a few people being malicious towards big company servers.

Social networking is not a fashion trend that will be gone tomorrow. Sure, the company names may change and it will evolve - but the way people are receiving their information is changing into quick, short bursts. Do you want people getting that information from you?....someone else?....not at all?....or manipulated by the press?

Frank Rookard

My organization is taking "baby steps" with social media, but we are moving in this direction. We have some concerns with bandwidth.

Richard Hoon

Richard Hoon

Do you not have internet capabilities at the Washington Sanitary Commission?

M. Michelle Bono

Erin -- in our session tomorrow we're going to talk about how you can demonstrate the value that social media can bring to an organization. Typically people are willing to embrace a new technology if they can see that it brings value to them. Richard has some great points in his response as well. Another great selling point for many leaders is when they see how many of their peer cities or counties are embracing a new tool.

Anna Trout
Anna Trout said

We're looking for a way of quickly and efficiently communicating and are willing to explore the options that are available. We don't want to create more work - we want to simplify.

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