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County/City Manager Evaluation Process

Veronica Frenkel

Washoe County is in the process of benchmarking our performance evaluation process, and we are interested in hearing about how other local governments manage their performance evaluation process for their highest-level manager, be it the City or County Manager. Thank you, in advance, for any information you can offer!


Ted Gaebler

Here in the city of Rancho Cordova, CA we have a well developed anuual evaluation process for the city manager that I originally developed when I was a county CEO. I'm on vacation and so am going to have a work colleague, Donna Hall, respond with our process.

Tina Presley

In the Town of Front Royal, VA the Town Council appoints the Town Manager; therefore, the Council meets to discuss the annual evaluation which is a three page document divided into 4 categories: Relationship with Council; Relationship with Staff; Relationship with Community and Personal Qualities.

Jackson Tuttle

Our annual cm evaluation process includes council review of the my 'top ten' goals for the prior and coming years, and 360 degree evaluation by my department heads and by council members. The best way to see our process is to look at the forms/examples we use, which we can provide.

David Hales

David Hales

We are interested in trying a 360 degree evalution, are there any standard forms or documents you use when performing yours each year?

John Holman

I am helping my Board of Supervisors develop an evaluation process. I would like any sample documents that may be available as I start this process.

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