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Rollback taxes

Thomas Reynolds

Good Morning All,

Thought I'd give the new ICMA listserve a whirl by posing the following question:

Have any of you had experience with rollback taxes as they relate to the development of agricultural land? As best I understand it, a rollback tax might occur where a property is zoned agricultural resulting in preferential tax treatment. But when the property owner breaks from the agreement and moves to develop that land he must pay the difference between the farm-assessed taxes and the full-value taxes, i.e., a rollback tax. Do any of you have knowledge as to whether or not this approach is practiced in Maryland or if it's even permissible under state law?


Tom Reynolds
Maryland Municipal League


Zane Reynolds

Tom ,
Maryland has many policies in place at the state level intended to protect and slow the development of agricultural land. Under the Maryland Rural Legacy Program many policy mechanisms were created to encourage the conservation of agricultural and open space, only one of which being revaluation of tax status. Details about the program can be found at the link below.


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