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Bike Sharing Programs

Nicholas Wyatt

Do you or your community have any experience with automated bike sharing/rental programs near commuter stations or bike trails? For example, Minneapolis is launching a city-wide bike sharing program this summer and Washington D.C. also has a program. We would like to know the experiences of smaller municipalities with similar programs.


Andrea Curtis

Salt Lake City (pop. 181,000) has recently launched a bike sharing program in conjunction with their car sharing program. I don't know all the details but I know the hub is at the Intermodal Center and there are 'share' locations near TRAX stops around the downtown area. Visit their website at for additional information and contacts.

Robert Middaugh

Miami Beach (resident Pop 90,000, 15 million visitors) is building a 900 bike, bicycle sharing program to be deployed City -wide. As far as we know it will be the largest in this country. It is in development now and we expect it to be available in June/July.

Tim Yatko

Tim Yatko
Here's the company managing the Miami Beach project. Looks interesting.

Robin Weaver

Some European cities extensively use bike rental programs. You may want to contact our colleagues in Copenhagen, Denmark and Stockholm, Sweden. Fortunately for those of us in the USA, they are fluent in English. Note though that both of those cities have an extensive bike lane system as well.

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