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Dig Once Policies

Antonia Castro-Graham

The City of Huntington Beach is in the process of implementing our Broadband Strategic Plan. This plan calls for the City to have a Dig Once Policy. A Dig Once policy is simply coordinating street/highway construction projects with the installation of broadband facilities. I am curious if anyone has such a policy that they would be willing to share.

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Marshall Pimentel

It seems several cities in California have adopted dig once policies or are looking into it.

San Francisco adopted one in 2014 that is explained here:

Gonzales, CA adopted the policy in February 2016: http://www.tellusven..

Palo Alto also considered creating a dig once policy, and created a comprehensive report on the subject. Included in the report is an examination of dig once policies throughout the country. It mentions the two above as well as Berkeley, Santa Cruz, San Benito County and other jurisdictions throughout the country.
Although dig once policies are mentioned throughout, the examination gears up beginning on page 25 of the document. It can be found here: http://www.cityofpal..

Antonia Castro-Graham

Thank you Marshall

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