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Tell the Alliance: What Issues or Topics Do You and/or Your Organization Think Should Be Addressed?

Jason Rollins

The Alliance for Innovation seeks to discover, test, and accelerate the adoption of emerging practices in local government to inspire innovation to advance communities. Part of that process involves the creation and delivery of inspired, relative, and accessible content -- both in event settings and through our publications.

With that in mind, if your organization could build its own Alliance for Innovation Learning Library what topics would you want the Alliance to focus on? What are the most pressing issues your organization is facing right now and what issues do you need to get a head start on addressing?

And also let us know as an individual what you need to hear and learn about to expand your innovation capacity, both to improve your organization and for professional growth.

We need your perspective, so leave us an answer here or drop us an email at Ideas, issues, and topics that individuals or organizations are facing or will face are encouraged to be shared! Let's learn and grow together!


Leslie Beauregard

A few thoughts: citizen engagement, data management and program performance, project management, budgeting and allocating resources across services rather than by department - will think of more.....

Leslie Beauregard

And another - notification practices and policies - such as notification to citizens regarding street closures, construction, etc.

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