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Bereavement Leave Policies

Jeff Calentine

I was curious to find out what some other organizations policies are in regards to bereavement leave? Our current policy allows for up to 40 hours of paid leave for "immediate" family members, and 4 hours for "non-family." We have had some issues recently because "immediate" family doesn't technically include Aunts and Uncles and this has been an issue for some employees. Before we make any changes to our personnel manual I would like to see if our policies are in line with other organizations. Thanks!


Chad Allen
Chad Allen said

Keller, TX; At Will Employer; 345 FTEs
Regular employees may be granted up to twenty-four (24) hours off with pay (24-hour shift Fire personnel will receive up to 36 hours), per calendar year, to arrange or attend the funeral of a member of the immediate family. The department head may approve additional bereavement time off with pay for unusual circumstances (i.e., two parents die the same year.) If an employee needs more than three days, the extra days shall be deducted from accrued vacation, comp time or if no available time is accrued, the extra time may be approved without pay.
For the purposes of this policy, “immediate family” means an employee’s spouse, children, parents, grandparents, grandchildren, brothers, sisters, or a member living in the employee’s household or the “immediate family members” of a spouse.
Additional requests for funeral leave regarding an individual(s) outside the “immediate family” (definition above) will need prior approval by the department head and will be deducted from accrued vacation if available or without pay if no vacation is accrued.

Andrew Pederson

: Employees will be permitted 3 days of bereavement for a death in their immediate family.

Definition of immediate family
: Immediate family shall be defined as spouse as well as the parents, children, siblings of the employee, their spouse, or State-registered domestic partner of an employee.

Toby Cotter

Here is the policy in Bullhead City, Arizona:

Bereavement Leave: Upon learning that a member of the immediate family has deceased, a full-time employee may be granted bereavement leave for a period of three (3) days, equivalent to 24 work hours. If out-of-state travel is required one (1) week, 40 work hours may be granted. These hours shall not be charged to vacation or personal leave. If additional time away from work is required, and approved by the supervisor, that time would be charged to either vacation or personal leave.

Definition: Immediate family consists of spouse, parents, grandparents, siblings, children and grandchildren related by blood or marriage.

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