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Wynette Reed

Secondary Employment Polices/Guidelines

II am looking for policies/guidelines that address how secondary employment is handled when an employee wants to work another job outside of their current position/organization.Thank you!Wynette Reed View answers and respond


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Aisha Johnson

Financial Resiliency

Do you have case studies regarding financial restructuring and sustainability in local government? How are governments adjusting to declining revenues, including sales tax revenues? View answers and respond

Finance and Budgeting

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Evan Berrett

Live Streaming City Council Meetings

Our City is considering live streaming our City Council Meetings to Facebook and/or YouTube. Our population is very young, so young that in 2013, we were the youngest city in america by median age. Social media presence here is pretty... View answers and respond

Civic Education Community Involvement Elected Officials Innovation Next Generation of Managers Social Media Technology & Data

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Emily Bergstresser

Risk Manager Reportin

We would like to know who the Risk Manager or Chief Risk Officer in your organization reports directly to? Is it the CXO or someone else? Thanks! View answers and respond

Finance and Budgeting

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Michael Land

Community Visioning process - looking for a facilitator

The Coppell City Council is about to embark on its next generation of community visioning. The City's 2030 Vision plan was last updated in 2008. To date the City Council has invested over $80 million in fulling our... View answers and respond

Community Branding Community Involvement Community Planning Strategic Planning

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Robyn Undieme

Cities Using a Travel Agent?

Does your City use a travel agent? Tulsa is about to switch over, and if any of you who use one has a travel policy that you can share, I would be incredibly grateful! View answers and respond

Human Resources

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Michael Sable

Encouraging no Net Loss Tree Canopy

Hennepin County is looking for strategies governments have put into place around tree canopies to improve air quality and heat mitigation around global warming. What ordinances have been used? What policies have been implemented? All help... View answers and respond

Climate Change Management Sustainability

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Matthew Williams

Fire Boating Funding Sources

The City of Fort Lauderdale is exploring alternative methods of funding their fire boat operations. How do you fund your fire boat?-----EDIT: I've updated this question to include more detailed sub-questions we're asking as part of this process:If your agency... View answers and respond

Emergencies & Disasters Finance and Budgeting Fire/EMS Public Safety

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Laura Karpaviciute

New Business Guide

Does anybody have a new business guide that serves as a comprehensive resource for anybody looking to open a business in your municipality? We are looking to upgrade our materials and are seeking out best practices from other Cities.If you... View answers and respond

Economic Development

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Leslie Beauregard

Information Technology Fee STructure

For those who still have their IT services as an internal service fund, how do you charge out these services to other departments? Anything new and creative other than per user or per machine? Looking for some alternatives...Thanks! View answers and respond

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