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Leslie Beauregard

City Council use of electronic devices during Council meetings

Does anyone have an effective practice/policy regarding the use of electronic devices by City Council members during their own meetings? Thanks! View answers and respond

Civic Education Community Involvement Elected Officials Management Technology & Data

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Maurice Rioux

Communications Director Scenario

We are currently in the selection process of hiring a Communications Director, and we're looking to see if anyone has a scenario for a controversial topic that they have given to a potential candidate to see how they would... View answers and respond

Human Resources

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Michelle Nguyen

PPP Business Incubators?

Hi, I am broadly researching operating agreements for public-private partnered business incubators. Do you have a good example in your city or know of some examples for me to follow up on? View answers and respond

Economic Development Equity & Inclusion Finance and Budgeting Housing & Community Development Innovation Leadership Legal Issues Management Partnerships Public Policy Strategic Planning Technology & Data Town and Gown

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James Milanese

Use it or lose it leave policies

Trying to fix an issue at a mid-sized municipality. We allow full time employees to carry up to 400 hours of vacation time; all time above 400 hours at the end of the calendar year is surrendered. Time is earned... View answers and respond

Human Resources Management

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Leslie Beauregard

Employee Engagement on the Budget - Making it Fun!

We are looking for fun ideas on how to engage our employees about the budget process and ways they can contribute. We did informational session last year and asked them to submit ideas that were then collected and in... View answers and respond

Civic Education High Performance Organizations Leadership Management Organizational Development Process Improvement

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Leslie Beauregard

Transit Driver Safety

We have had some recent events on our bus routes where passengers have been harassing our drivers, particularly drivers that have foreign accents and are clearly from middle eastern countries. We are trying to find and figure out strategies... View answers and respond

High Performance Organizations Management Process Improvement Transportation

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Emily Bergstresser

Dress Codes

Does your library system have a dress code/policy for employees? If so, would you be willing to share it with us?Thank you! View answers and respond


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Courtney Hayden

What bicycle amenities are working to protect your residents

This article points out what is and what isn't working to protect bicyclists: bicycle amenities are working to protect residents in your community? Do you agree with these findings? View answers and respond

Healthy Living Parks and Recreation Transportation

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[Anonymous] asked

Utility Turn off Policy

Wondering if any organization would like to share their utility turn off policy. My jurisdiction is reviewing and looking to revise (if necessary) our utility turn off policy. We are focusing on water, but I am sure any utility turn... View answers and respond


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Joseph Gacioch

Communications & Downtown Development

Ferndale is exploring about how other communities have responded to rapid development in an urban setting. Our community is experiencing significant growth/development in our downtown and key neighborhoods for the first time since the 60s! More specifically, we... View answers and respond

Community Involvement Community Planning Economic Development Housing & Community Development

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