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Utility Turn off Policy

Wondering if any organization would like to share their utility turn off policy. My jurisdiction is reviewing and looking to revise (if necessary) our utility turn off policy. We are focusing on water, but I am sure any utility turn... View answers and respond


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Joseph Gacioch

Communications & Downtown Development

Ferndale is exploring about how other communities have responded to rapid development in an urban setting. Our community is experiencing significant growth/development in our downtown and key neighborhoods for the first time since the 60s! More specifically, we... View answers and respond

Community Involvement Community Planning Economic Development Housing & Community Development

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Emily Bergstresser

Honoring donors-naming policies-memorials

We are seeking information on how other library systems recognize and honor donors as well as memorial or naming processes/policies. More specifically, what "donation" constitutes honoring and what other ways does your library honor distinguished citizens/patrons? What is the... View answers and respond


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Emily Bergstresser

Background checks -Parks &Recreation

Does your agency run background checks on Parks & Rec instructors (both adult and child classes) and volunteers? If so, what type of background checks are completed (i.e., criminal, professional licenses, credit history)? How often... View answers and respond

Human Resources Parks and Recreation

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Rachel Hudgens

HR Benefit Structures

Hello! Have any folks in HR modified their standard benefit structure in order to recruit the right people? For example, adding more vacation days to a benefit package in order to have a competitive compensation option for an applicant. View answers and respond

Contracts Human Resources

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Michelle Nguyen

Economic Development Certifications?

If you are currently working in Economic Development, what certifications do you have or would you recommend? I am just starting to look into professional certification in the field, currently working at the local level in the state of Georgia.... View answers and respond

Economic Development Innovation Leadership Next Generation of Managers

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Denise Pieroni

Economic Development

The City has secured easements for a rail spur line that is to serve multiple industries. We are looking for a sample agreement that identifies responsibilities in terms of short and long-term maintenance of the spur line. Any... View answers and respond

Economic Development Partnerships Transportation

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Darrell Hofland

Seagull Management

Over the past few years, the population of seagulls has grown. Results are negative impacts to water quality at local beaches and complaints from property owners of littered rooftops.I would like to learn of other communities' strategies on managing... View answers and respond

Parks and Recreation

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Gregory Stopka

iDashboads Users

Hi everyone,I'm looking for other local government organizations that use real-time dashboards through idashboards ( I'm interested in connecting and sharing ideas and practices.Thanks,Greg StopkaStrategy and Innovation ManagerPark District of Oak Park218 Madison St.708-725-2103 View answers and respond

Management Technology & Data

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Steven Clift

New tools for online citizen engagement?

Beyond social media engagement like Facebook Pages/Groups or Twitter, what new digital tools is your government using to build greater public participation?I am particularly interested in tools that inform government decision-making and encourage useful public dialogue and deliberation. Have any... View answers and respond

311/CRM Systems Citizen/Resident Surveys Civic Education Community Involvement Community Planning Innovation Management Social Media Technology & Data

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