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Loretta Daly

Business Licensing Policies

I am currently reviewing our Ordinances governing business licensing and would like to reach communities that do not issue annual business licenses. Any help in identifying non-licensing communities would be greatly appreciated. View answers and respond

Code Enforcement Community Planning Economic Development Housing & Community Development

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Darrell Hofland

Intergovernmental Service Agreement

A health care business has announced plans to build a new major ($300M+) hospital in a neighboring community - across the street from my community. This new hospital will replace the hospital in my community. The municipality that... View answers and respond

Shared Service Delivery

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Carmen Capezzuto

Private Partners in Water Sustainability

Our municipality is interested in working with the private sector on large scale programs that provide and promote a sustainable water supply. We are looking for examples of partnerships between cities and these corporations. View answers and respond

Climate Change Economic Development Food Security Healthy Living Infrastructure Planning Partnerships Public Works Sustainability Utilities Water & Wastewater

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Jonathan McElroy

A police officer's path to management.

I am currently a police officer and a field training officer. I have been in law enforcement for approximately four years. I am currently pursuing a MPA and I am in ICMA's Emerging Leaders Development Program. I have applied for... View answers and respond

Management Next Generation of Managers

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Ronald Searl
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Ronald Searl

Merit or Bonus Programs

Do you have a sample merit or bonus pay program? I have a need to design one for a small municipality and would like to gather some samples. If you have one to share please respond to this... View answers and respond

High Performance Organizations Human Resources Organizational Development Performance Management

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Desiree Fragoso

RFP Removal/Replacement of USTs

The City of Isle of Palms, S.C. is looking for a sample Request For Proposal (RFP) for the removal of single-walled underground storage tanks and replacement with double-walled underground storage tanks. Please share if you have one. View answers and respond

Public Works

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Skylor Miller

Tenet 7 and NRA Memberships

I was recently at an ethics seminar and affiliation with political organizations came up as a tangential discussion. There was a question raised as to whether a city manager could maintain an NRA membership without violating Tenet 7. The NRA... View answers and respond

Codes of Ethics Community Involvement Ethics

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Stephanie Miller

Parks and Rec Discounts

I am interested to find out if there are any city parks and recreation departments that offer discounts for the following populations:- veterans/active duty military- low-income persons/families- persons with disabilitiesI'm specifically researching discounts that may apply to recreation classes/program user... View answers and respond

Parks and Recreation

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Alex Carmichael

Pay Increase for Interim Department Head?

Good Morning,I am interested to see how other communities handle salary or other compensation for employees who step into interim department head positions specifically in police departments. How has your community handled it? Thanks! View answers and respond

Contracts Emergencies & Disasters Finance and Budgeting High Performance Organizations Human Resources Management Police

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