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Communications & Downtown Development

Joseph Gacioch

Ferndale is exploring about how other communities have responded to rapid development in an urban setting. Our community is experiencing significant growth/development in our downtown and key neighborhoods for the first time since the 60s! More specifically, we are navigating some Communications and DPW growing pains and are looking for some wonderful examples from our excellent Alliance peers.

Questions and resources we seek answers to:
1. How do you handle communicating last minute construction changes internally so that everyone who needs to know of the changes is in the know?
2. Do you have a SOP for managing construction communications from cradle to grave on projects.
3. Do you require a standard for communications for construction companies. The City is currently pursuing it's own downtown development bonded project; our communications are above and beyond what the private developers have been doing - Council is interested in establishing a minimum standard for construciton communications; including frequency.

If there is a good fit, team Ferndale may fly out to see how your communications, DPW, public safety, development, and engineering crews work together to navigate the public expectations, especially when the dreadful construction changes occur!


Rachel Hudgens

The Phoenix Metro area may fit the criteria you are looking at. Specifically, The Maricopa Association of Government may have some helpful insight.
Hope this helps,

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