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Budget and Performance Measurement Office Structures

Michael Edwards

Hi! The City of Auburn is researching organizational structures for an office focused on budgeting, performance measurement and the alignment of resources with strategic plans. I like to call it the Office of Big Picture (OBP). Currently, our budget office is consists of a Budget Manager and some intern/fellow staff, and in recent years has become more and more involved in larger strategic initiatives. We have no real performance measurement function, and a relatively poor process for tying our long (and short) term strategic plans to our activities, programs and projects. The OPB is envisioned to encompass budgeting, development of broader strategic plans (in most cases, plans to tie other plans together), and development/deployment of a performance measurement system to monitor/report on all of it. Basically, making sure we are doing the right things, aligning the resources to get it done, making sure it gets done per the plan, and providing the internal and external narrative (reports, dashboard, etc...) to keep folks informed.

I'm interested in seeing how other cities have organized their staff to achieve these goals. Org charts, job descriptions, links to websites, etc...would all be appreciated! Also appreciated would be lessons learned about implementing such offices and any ideas you'd have about improving that process.

Thanks in advance,


Kevin Knutson


I'm going to send you a couple of research projects we've done on the issue--hopefully they will be some help. When I was the Budget & Strategic Planning Manager for Coral Springs, the OMB was in charge of budgeting, strategic planning, performance management, and supported process improvement team facilitation. We had my position, two budget analysts, a performance analyst, and two part-time budget aides, who were usually MPA students. All three analysts were trained in Lean process improvement techniques. We were responsible for aligning all resource allocation and departmental workplans with the strategic plan, as well as coordinating benchmarking through ICMA Center for Performance Management (now Analytics) and the Florida Benchmarking Consortium.

Michael Edwards

Thanks Kevin!

Sherie Sanders

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