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Fleet Leasing vs Purchasing

Cheryl Hughes

Are there any municipalities who have leased their city's vehicles who would be willing to share with me their experiences and if there was value in leasing other than purchasing? We are exploring the lease vs. purchase option as part of a vehicle replacement program so I wanted to reach out for feedback from those who have gone that direction. Thank you!


Mark Abeles-Allison

Enterprise has a government leasing program. These programs focus on low up front government purchasing power and short term, 3-5 year re-sales. They allow for exact budgeting and provide fleet management.

Gary Kratz
Gary Kratz said

When I was with the Borough of Waldwick, New Jersey we leased police cars. Our lease was 24 months with a dollar buyout at the end of the term. We kept the cars for a total of four years and then sold them for about thirty percent of purchase price. It provides level budgeting and with them cycling out of the fleet every four years most of the repair costs were covered under warranty.

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