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Citizen survey Correlations

Michael Mankoff

Hello all.

We recently gave a citizen survey. We have analyzed the results and sent out an informational brochure to the public. We still have a lot of data, however. I have been tasked with coming up with some correlations within the data (i.e. neighborhood to feeling of safety). I have a lot of latitude with this assignment, and I was wondering if anyone had any ideas regarding what correlations to make. Is there anything particularly useful that you have found?



Robin Saywitz

Hi Michael,

Unfortunately at the moment we do not have any documents regarding the kinds of correlations you might find in your data. This sounds like an extremely interesting assignment and I hope when you are finished you submit it to the Knowledge Network so others can learn from you and your local government. In the meantime here is a document that gives examples of software that local governments find useful for analyzing large amounts of data. You may find these are helpful to you and provide a new perspective to the citizen survey data.

Robin Saywitz
ICMA Knowledge Network Intern

Mark Abeles-Allison

Extension has a lot of experience with surveys. I would work with them to help analyze the data.

Thomas Miller

Sorry to be late to the party, Michael. For future endeavors of this kind (I'm assuming I'm too late to help you on the project that motivated your post), Google The National Citizen Survey. Deliverables produced by National Research Center for local governments often contain optional reports about opinion differences by geography and many demographic characteristics of residents. Those tend to be most helpful to staff and elected officials as they consider where services are most effective, which groups are more engaged and who trusts their local government. Hope this helps next time.

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