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The Las Vegas City Council just approved an agreement with Discovery Studios, LLC, to produce a reality based television show featuring the City. With that as background you can imagine there are a lot of questions from both appointive and classified staff concerning what is appropriate behavior and what is not. That said, I am in the process of writing a city wide policy and procedure that will address many of the questions and rather than re-inventing the wheel I am hopeful that ICMA through its database and connetions with other cities will be able provide copies of policies and procedures that I would be able to review and use as a guideline to write policies and procedures for our city. I am on a short timeframe so the sooner I get the informationl or any guidance would be appreciated.



Robin Saywitz

To answer your question on proper employee conduct here are two articles that should provide you with an answer. The first discusses general workplace ethics and behavior while the second is an example of another local government’s policy and procedures regarding ethics and employee behavior.
• This article from PM magazine discusses both ethics and appropriate behavior of employees.
• Here is a copy of the City of San Luis Obispo, CA’s code of ethics. This code should provide you with employee behavior guidelines as it highlights proper employee conduct with inside and outside of the workplace.
I hope these provide you with the guidelines you were looking for!
Robin Saywitz
Knowledge Network Intern, ICMA

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