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Customer service performance measures

Colin Walker
Colin Walker asked

I am interested in performance measures you may have set to evaluate customer service delivery either within specific business lines and/or enterprise-wide. In particular, how do you evaluate customer service beyond the standard "citizens rating customer service as good or better" question? Do you have a consistent enterprise-wide approach, or set of measures, that are used consistently across all business lines to evaluate customer service?

Colin Walker
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Cory Fleming

Many local governments with 311/CRM systems have implemented service level agreements (SLAs) with the various agencies and departments within their organization. A SLA represents a commitment by the agency to complete a given task or service within a given amount of time, for example, potholes will be repaired within 72 hours of being reported or a code enforcement officer will be sent out within a week of a complaint to examine a property for potential violations. The local government then tracks what percentage of time the service department actually is able to complete those tasks compared to what they agreed to in the SLA. Normally you want the SLAs to be met around 90% of time. If an agency is responding within the parameters set by the SLA, it's a reason to dig deeper and find out why service requests aren't being completed in a timely fashion.

Ricardo Kisner

I am the Senior Director of Business Process Improvement for Wayne State University in Detroit Michigan and am responsible for producing a monthly key perfomance indicator report (which includes customer service). Attached is an Executive KPI report for finance and business operations. Feel free to contact me at if additional informaton is needed.

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