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Private Operator of City Community Services Facility

Danielle Casey

We are looking for examples of RFP's that Cities have issued to recruit third party operators of municipal facilities, specifically a Multigenerational Center and Aquatics center. The City of Maricopa is building a facility and has received Council direction to explore having a third party manage operations of the facility. Council has also encouraged that these partnerships be with nonprofit organizations and stressed that the City have ultimate control of the center. We are having a difficult time reconciling how to accomplish these goals while also giving full management responsibility to a separate entity.


Robert Sausedo


I am Director of Local Government Services for ABM. Our value propostion is designed to address the very question you have asked. Please feel free to contact me at 949-330-1548 ofc or 213-399-9724 cell.

ABM is a Global leader in facility services offering solutions to Municipalities, School Districts, Military Bases, and Commercial office Buildings. Also Please visit our website at I look forward to assisting you and your colleagues.

Matt Satterly

Hello Danielle, our company speicalizes in working with government organizations to operate recreation facilities nationally. We specialize in developing a program package that reduces the actual cost of the operation and limits the financial burden on the local agency in charge of paying for the operation. Our company is USA Pools and we work nationally with local governements to operate these types of facilities. We can provide you with more information about this process and answers to any questions you have about these types of services. You can reach me at 877-248-1872, ext. 302 or

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