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Police Scheduling Software

Matthew Fulton

I am looking for recommendations on software to help schedule police officers. Any advice?


Amanda Dodge

Hi Matthew,

Since I am not a local government official I do not have any personal experience with using police scheduling software, although a quick Google search produced many possible software options. However, ICMA’s Center for Public Safety Management does offer consulting services on scheduling problems. Additionally, they would be a good resource to contact to see what types of software they have seen be most effective in other communities.

For an article that describes how one county used their services to create an effective scheduling system, I suggest “Balancing Public Safety and Budget Constraints: Loudoun County, Virginia”:

For more information on ICMA’s Center for Public Safety Management, please visit:

I hope this helps!

Amanda Dodge
International City/County Management Association
Knowledge Network Intern

Tim McCarty

The City of Walla Walla employs TeleStaff for its Fire Department scheduling, and the Chief reports that the department is pleased with it overall.

Tom Nosack
Tom Nosack said

Vancouver uses Telestaff for our Fire and Police

[Unknown] said

The City of Las Cruces (NM) Fire Department has been using Telestaff for all staffing and unit deployment in emergency and non-emergency situations for approximately 8 years. The system requires quite a bit of up front learning and set up, but once it's in place it works beautifully. It also integrates with our citywide financial system (Munis) for payroll and has made payroll imports a breeze in comparison to previous imports. The system is not cheap, but is scalable depending on the size of your organization.

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