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RFPs for Strategic Planning Consultant

Jessica Ramos

The San Antonio Public Library is embarking on a strategic planning process and is looking for a consultant to help us build this plan. We are compiling a list of appropriate consultants as well as reviewing RFPs from other libraries and similar entities. We would appreciate it if you could share with us the name of any consultants you have worked with and would recommend, as well as copies of RFPs for your strategic planning consultant. Your assistance to this request is very much appreciated.


Michael Repas

Hi Jessica:

I was able to find the following two sample RFPs, which have been added to the Knowledge Network Library for your convenience:

Also, there is an organization called Library Consultants (, and in searching their website, I found the following two listed consultants (with promising CVs given as well):
Aubrey W. George - San Antonio, TX

Richard L. Waters - Dallas,TX

I hope this helps!

Brij Singh
Brij Singh said

Please read book ( selling the Dream) by Guy Kawasaki. This will help in preparing RFP. There is one example.

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