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Anyone want to introduce themselves here in one paragraph?


Municipal Meerkat

Hi Justin! I'm Municipal Meerkat. I've long been interested and active in local government. I'm excited that I get to continue to share my love of community building here online, providing answers to some of your questions and posting interesting news.

Look for me to pop up around the Knowledge Network from time to time.

Richard Brown

Good morning Justin. I've been in municipal management about 35 years and I'm really excited about the knowledge network. It's s great way to share information and stay in touch with our peers.

Richard, I'm excited about the Knowledge Network as well! Hopefully we will all be able to benefit from connections that we make and information that's shared.

Caleb Holder

Good afternoon! My name is Caleb and I'm a senior studying Public Administration. I'll be graduating in December 2010 with my bachelors degree. I've been with ICMA for a couple years now and think it is a great association. I'm currently participating in my third internship. This internship is at my local city hall in the city clerk's office. I aspire to become a city manager, or city clerk. Once I graduate in December, I shall be in search of a job in either of these offices as a deputy/assistant, or even in the full capacity of the office in a rural area. I highly enjoy working in government and hope to make a career out of it!

Caleb, thanks for sharing! What other types of internships have you had?

Michael Thompson

Hello Justin!

I served two terms on the county council which includes serving as the Chief Elected Official. I am currently serving in the government sector as a member of the Workforce Investment Board of Directors. I have a Master of Business Administration degree and more than nine years of experience in supply chain management in the private sector. My last position I managed more than $56 million in annualized procurements. I want to make the transition from Chief Elected Official to Chief Administrative Officer because I thoroughly enjoyed my time on the council.

Michael, thanks for introducing yourself! What did you most enjoy about being on the council?

Michael Thompson

Michael Thompson

Hi Justin, I met a lot of great people while serving on the council; however, the most enjoyment came from the impact I made in the community. Things like sourcing additional funds to pave roads and replace bridges; and working with the city to extend public transportation to a declining neighborhood.

Patrick Heisinger

Hi Justin! My name is Patrick Heisinger and I have been working in the public sector for close to 4 years now. Currently I am a middle manager within my organization and I am extremely passionate about what I do (affordable housing) and working for the public sector in general. I am looking to build my professional network of younger and seasoned public administrators with the hope of building my own leadership skills. I look forward to seeing this group grow!

Patrick, thanks for the intro. Hopefully we both can learn more about leadership on the Knowledge Network!

[Unknown] said

Thanks all for posting! Maybe this would be a good place to invite new members of the Knowledge Network to post an intro? It would help them to feel welcomed and would be an easy way to quickly be introduced to new people!

Robert Cole

Hey, Justin! Posting a bit late, as I just linked to this from FB. I've been in muni gov for about 14 years, like - no love - outdoor adventure sports, and look forward to managing in a place with an active citizenry and aubundant access to things I enjoy in life. Anyone else enjoy photographing snakes (especially venomous ones), charging big waves, or sittin' back at sunset on a colorful fall afternoon sipping on a great cab?

Hey Robert, thanks for the intro!

Isaac Dorsey

Hi Justin:

My name is Isaac Dorsey. I served as City Manager several years ago before obtaining my MPA. Since serving as Manager in Louisiana, I have help a position as the Chief Executive in the nonprofit world. I am an astute leader in forging community relationships and bring a broad range of skills to bare in problem solving from having worked in one of the most diversed communities in America. I am seeking a career change and welcome an opportunity as a ACM or CM.

Brian Derr
Brian Derr said

Hi Justin. Another good way to do introductions is to post on the group wall for any group that you belong to.

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