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Companion Animal Policy Group

Companion Animal Policy Group

We all want safe and humane communities. City officials should protect people and pets by passing and enforcing laws that emphasize public safety, personal responsibility, and individual accountability. When it comes to dangerous dogs, the focus should be on reckless or negligent owners, not the breed of dog.

Community or feral cats are part of the landscape. New and humane methods such as trap, neuter, vaccinate and return are decreasing complaints regarding cats throughout the U.S.

Let's discuss new innovations in animal care and control that enhance public safety and help decrease the killing in our animal shelters.

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Ledy VanKavage

Moreauville LA repeals "pit bull" and Rottweiler ordinance after national spotlight. Ban was reported on CNN and The View.

Ledy VanKavage

Clay Alabama "pit bull" ordinance found unconstitutional- no rational basis to public safety. You can read the order here.

Ledy VanKavage

Concerned about the fiscal impact of breed specific or breed discriminatory laws targeting pit bull terrier like dogs? Check out this link

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