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Douglas Miller

Jenny: Aberdeen does. Happy to share w/ you our leases. Doug

Jennifer Kimball

Following up on yesterday's presentation about wireless transmission facilities, could you let me know if your community has leases with companies that use City property to house cell towers. We have one on a water tank and one at our golf course. I'd like to chat with others with leases about the monthly rent, escalation clauses

Rita Ossolinski

Are you at the MCCMA SPring Conference in Gaithersburg? You should be!

Jeffrey Rhodes

Have any communities been approached about buying the rights to cellular antenna leases? Cumberland has recently been approached by Black Dot Wireless about purchasing the rights to our leases in cooperation with the companies currently leasing the space. Please let me know if this is something your community is doing or has evaluated. Thanks.

Jennifer Kimball

Rockville made that switch a few years ago. I'll check with the DPW director on who best to talk to and get you connected.

David Deutsch

Bowie is interested in learning of communities that have switched to once weekly refuse collection. Folks here (some environmentalists, some lecteds) believe costs will be dramatically reduced. We would like to understand the reality in some other MD jurisdictions. Thanks.

Kenneth Decker


Rita Ossolinski

The City of Rockville is taking the lead. Either Jenny Kimball or I can answer questions. Feel free to email me directly at

Kenneth Decker

Who can answer questions about the agenda for the MCCMA conference in Rockville this month?

Peter Dunn
Peter Dunn said

Thanks for having me in Aberdeen! I've uploaded the Knowledge Network demo presentation to the "Files" section of this group for your reference.

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