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International Opportunities

Interested in:
- Volunteering as a pro bono or working as a consultant internationally to improve local governance in developing countries?
- Speaking at local or international conferences, workshops or seminars on international governance issues?
- Hosting and/or participating in international knowledge exchange opportunities?
- International Committee Alumni and Friends opportunities?

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Michael Garvey

A small group of managers, including some IHN leaders, is working on a Nov 17-18, 2016 conference in Mexico City, bringing Mexican, Cuban and US managers together to talk about matters of mutual concern to local government managers. Octavio Chavez, Director, ICMA México-Latinoamérica, also is working on this, though it is not an ICMA program.
Attendance will be kept small and the event is being handled in a rather informal manner. But the group is hoping for a few more US sign-ups to balance the 10 Mexican and 4 Cuban managers who have committed. Translation services will be provided.
There are details in a file uploaded to the “Files” section of this Group page, entitled “Announcement for Mexico City conference.”
Interested managers, whether fluent in Spanish or not, are encouraged to consider attending.

William Shanahan

Trying to join, but computer will not let me. Will try again later.

Isabelle Bully-Omictin

Would anyone be interested in working with two cities in the Dominican Republic to help them address crime and violence prevention? The two cities in the DR are: Boca Chica and Santo Domingo Este. Boca Chica is a beach community located in the Province of Santo Domingo with about 123,000 inhabitants. Santo Domingo Este is also located in the Province of Santo Domingo and has about 700,000 inhabitants.

We are working to help create and strengthen multi-stakeholder committees (mesas) to promote coordination among municipal officials and staff, police, community organizations, churches, private sector and national government agencies. We will help them prepare a diagnostic of their risk and protective factors with respect to crime and violence and come up with a strategic plan to address these needs.

Ideally we would like a city that has a fairly significant population from the DR (to build support for the Partnership) and even more importantly a city that has distinguished itself in terms of collaborative crime prevention initiatives (including community policing) as that is what we want to showcase – how the different municipal departments (including police) work together and with the community to prevent crime.

The Dominican Republic is a great place to visit and CityLinks provides staff with an opportunity to develop professionally and to make a difference! Hope you will consider it! Thanks.

Michael Garvey

Information about the 2016 study tour to China is posted:

Share Your Expertise and Join an ICMA Study Tour in China

January 21, 2016

Are you interested in offering technical assistance and/or training in China? And would you like to experience Chinese historical, cultural, and educational attractions as well?

If the answer is “yes” to one or both questions, ICMA encourages you to attend the annual Foreign Experts Conference in Shenzhen, China, April 16-18, 2016, and to join the ICMA China Center for a professional development study tour before and after the event. The deadline for expressions of interest is February 16, 2016.

The China Center is collaborating with the Chinese State Administration of Foreign Expert Affairs (SAFEA), which sponsors the conference. This is China’s only event oriented entirely toward foreign professionals. ICMA China Center will co-host a sub-forum on China Sponge City on the afternoon of April 16, and a face-to-face meeting with local Administration for Foreign Experts Affairs. Again, as in 2015, ICMA will be invited to present a keynote address on U.S. best practices in city/county management and innovative solutions for International Talents Big Data Management.

Opportunities for Members

The conference will attract a large number of Chinese national and subnational government officials and representatives of state-owned enterprises. It will include a session in which ICMA members and other

China tour

experts can showcase their local governments, particularly their urban development and local economic development initiatives. U.S. participants will meet provincial officials and explore future opportunities to partner with and offer expertise to their Chinese counterparts.

Shenzhen’s mayor, Xu Qin, who heads the organizing committee, explained the importance of foreign experts to Shenzhen’s socioeconomic development: “Foreign talent has contributed to Shenzhen’s development and will contribute more in industrial innovation and upgrades, so our foreign-friendly environment is an asset to the coming meeting.”

Shenzhen Qianhai will be one of the ICMA partners who will host the ICMA members’ visit during the conference. ICMA members interested in performing pro bono or paid consultant work in China as trainers or experts should find the contacts made at the conference to be beneficial.

Before the Shenzhen Conference, ICMA China Center will organize a study tour to Shanghai Pudong Executive Academy and Wuzhen, a very successful small town with innovative Internet businesses. Read more about Wuzhen here and here.

After the Shenzhen Conference, ICMA China Center will accompany the group to Tongren, Guizhou Province, sponsored by local government and enterprises for an additional 3-4days.

Express your interest by February 16, 2016. For further details and registration information, contact Luo Lijun, the executive director of ICMA China Center at or Shraddha Kharel-Pandey, director, Asia Programs at

About the ICMA China Center

The ICMA China Center was formally established in 2011 as a partnership between ICMA and the China University of Political Science and Law (CUPL). Its mission is to improve the quality of city management in China by providing information and services to Chinese city officials. Local government professionals from the United States, in turn, have an opportunity to learn from the Chinese experience with rapid, large-scale urbanization. ICMA has been approved as an official training partner of SAFEA and has established a training base in China.

For each of the last three years, two to three ICMA members have been invited to teach a course at the CUPL summer session. This program has proven to be very rewarding for the students as well as the ICMA instructors.

The ICMA China Center is also active in bringing Chinese delegates to the United States for training and exchanges of ideas. In September, ICMA China Center successfully organized a Chinese Government Study Tour to the United States thanks to the great support and help of Michael Garvey and Clay Pearson. (See the report with pictures on

Lindsay Kuhn

A great China study tour report from ICMA Member Bill Monahan:

Colin McCabe

ICMA is seeking municipalities in Florida who are willing to provide technical assistance to Haitian local governments and host representatives from these communities at no cost. This opportunity is through the USAID-funded Haiti LOKAL+ project, which seeks to strengthen the capability of municipal governments in selected Haitian communes to provide public services.

For more information and the application form visit

Contact Isabelle Bully-Omictin at or Colin McCabe at with questions.

Lindsay Kuhn

A great article posted by Mike Garvey on the International Committee group -

A landmark for Estonia as the legislature has agreed, after years of debate, on principles for a reorganization and professionalization of local government management. http://news.postimee..

Barbara Moore

Act fast! The ICMA China Center has just confirmed the Guest Lecturer Program in China for July 2015, and the deadline is coming up quickly—April 6, 2015. The program provides ICMA members with an opportunity to serve as pro bono lecturers and speakers for local governments, universities, and other institutions. Read more about this opportunity:

Lindsay Kuhn

Opportunity to Volunteer in Romania!
The International Sustainable Transportation Engagement Program (I-STEP) is offering an opportunity for volunteers to come to Brasov, Romania from June 29-July 2 to help engage in a community-centered dialogue about the role of walking, bicycling, and transit in meeting the area’s sustainability goals. Volunteers are responsible for providing their own transportation and lodging and experience in community-centered approaches to active transportation or transit planning is preferred. Interested volunteers should read the flyer under Files (located here) and submit an overview of your interest to Billy Fields at Please also contact Billy Fields with any questions.

Laura Hagg
Laura Hagg said

Hi everyone! We are investigating creating city to city partnerships between coastal cities in Mozambique with U.S., Brazilian or European cities to address climate change impacts on solid waste, water, sanitation for a possible USAID project. Language is important. So if you or someone on your staff speaks Portuguese or if you have a Portuguese speaking diaspora living in their community - we would love to hear from you! Please contact me as soon as you can -

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