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The Host International Program (HIP)

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The Host International Program (HIP)

The Host International Program (HIP) is designed by the International Committee at the National and State levels to welcome foreign attendees to the Conference. The ICMA conference is the largest of its kind in the world, and it can be helpful for those not familiar with it to offer a personal touch. It can help them get more out of the conference; and it promotes hospitality. These personal connections can be invaluable.

Managers can put their name in as a Host now by sending an email to: Foreign attendees can secure a Host in the same manner. Since this is a new program, we will also have a person at the Host Desk to help facilitate connections.

All the Members of the International Committees will be given a HIP button. If a foreign attendee has a question, they can ‘button hole’ any international member.

It’s HIP to be hospitable. Put your name in today.

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Paul Shew
Paul Shew said

Many managers would like to participate in the international programs, but cannot afford the time or funding for a full 'Exchange'. To assist managers in becoming familiar with their foreign counterparts, a program was established to connect managers in the U.S. with foreign managers PRIOR to the annual conference. In this way, both can meet each other on a 'lite' basis and learn a bit about each other.

In Boston, this was called the HIP program, short for Host International Program. This can be done at the next conference in Seattle.

Paul Shew
Paul Shew said

Thanks to all those that participated in the HIP program for 2013. The 41 participants in the program were supported by approximately 25 other ICMA staff, managers and individuals to make the conference experience better. Special mention to CAMA and their participation along with Mexico, Colombia and Kenya.

Lauren Crawford

Lauren Crawford

Thanks for all the hard work you and the team did to make it a success!

Lee Erdmann

This is a great opportunity to further strengthen our international ties. I look forward to this new program being a success and expanding in the future. lee erdmann

Paul Shew
Paul Shew said

Current opportunities by country:

Colombia- we have two Mayors attending the conference from Colombia who would like to participate in a study tour starting on Wednesday the 25th and continuing until the 27th. Their interest is in visiting one city per day for three days discussing innovative revenue resources and tourism development. Spanish fluency preferred.

Mexico- One day study tour September 20th with up to 9 officials including the Director of Economic Development for the Central Zone. Interested in transportation systems (including financials). Spanish fluency preferred.

Kenya- minimum of two officials attending conference with request for a study tour starting Wednesday and going until Friday. Interests include governance; economic development; and work that disperses decision-making to improve public participation.

If interested in participating with any of these: please email us at HIP.

Clay Pearson/ Michael Jaillet

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