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Gun Violence Discussion Group

The purpose is to provide a open environment wherein local government professionals can have a balanced, civil, non-political discussion on gun violence, its implications for local governments, lessons learned from past experiences, and proactive actions that local governments should consider.

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James Perkins

Kansas Gov. signs Constitutional Carry Bill: http://www.kansascit..

Rick Aronhalt

Another article from the May Governing shares lessons learned from Australia and Brazil. Check it out: http://www.governing..

Rick Aronhalt

Vox just published this map with all the school shootings SINCE Sandy Hook. Check it out.

Pamela Muse

Added a Press Release From the City of Sunnyvale, CA re: they're acceptance of an offer from the San Francisco-based law firm of Farella Braun + Martel LLP to provide pro bono legal defense services related to the City’s new gun safety ordinance that went into effect December 6 to files sections

Pamela Muse

Alamance County, NC drafts new firearm ordinance


Pamela Muse
Western Regional Director
Alliance for Innovation
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480-231-3538 Text

Elizabeth Kellar

The five managers from small and large cities who spoke about their experiences at the ICMA Conference made it clear that gun violence can strike any place and any time. And every time there is a new incident, it affects them in a very personal way.

James Perkins

The state of Kansas has broadened Carry Concealed laws http://www.kslegisla.. allowing licensed citizens and employees to carry firearms in public buildings unless certain safety measures (metal detectors and guards) are in place. Certain exemptions apply as do grace periods. School districts are not included in this legislation as they are not defined as municipalities; however, the law allows local school boards to allow school officials to carry weapons if licensed.
Issues revolving around liability insurance coverage have arisen over this issue with the major insurer of Kansas Schools (EMC) stating that the inherent liability of having weapons around school students will preclude them from accepting such schools for coverage. Likewise current schools having EMC insurance coverage that allow school administrators to carry weapons will not be renewed for liability coverage. The result has been that School districts are reconsidering allowing carry concealed or locked weapons on campus.

Gabriel Brehm

New article uploaded under the files tab - John McCain and Joe Biden discuss the "significant impact" cities and local governments can have on gun violence.

Leonard Matarese

At the invitation of Chuck Wexler, Executive Director of PERF, yesterday I attended one of their ongoing "Critical Issues in Policing Series - Active Shooters: The Unique Problems they Pose for Law Enforcement." The session was attended by 250 police chiefs from throughout the country and was held at the Russell Senate Office Building.
The day long, non-stop program highlighted the changes in police tactics that have occurred since the Columbine incident - moving from the "contain and negotiate" strategy that I learned as a police officer to a far more agreessive approach which may very well require a single officer entry into an active shooter situation (something previously unheard of and of course far more dangerous for responding officers).
Also discussed was the issue of the lack of EMS support in active shooter situations and the need for the police to be trained and equipted to provide medical assistance - mainly stopping the bleeding - for officers and victims. Known as "stop the killing / stop the dying."
A whole range of other issues were discussed, including opportunities to intervene prior to the incident; possible indicators to alert for potential perpetrators; the need to train and prepare with all possible responders, and much more.
I will be pulling together my take aways from the session and positing on the CPSM website overthe weekend.

Pamela Muse

Article: "Gun resolution and city manager performance appraisal on the docket for future Marco Island, FL City Council meetings"


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