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Most Asian and African countries are in the development process and looking for inclusive growth of the people of all strata. But many countries have poorer sections of urban populations living in slums without basic services vis a vis the rich and the middle income groups enjoying all urban amenities. The issue of community development is utmost important in such cities of these continents where lives a vast population of poor people plagued with poverty,unemployment,malnutrition and lack of education. Peers working in such City Local bodies can learn best/innovative practices adopted by each other by thought sharing.

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Mukul Gogoi

Most famous Asian African of the world is Mohan Das Karamchand Gandhi popularly known as Mahatma Gandhi. He is the Father of the nation India.

Mukul Gogoi

In India we have started the programme of Basic Services to the Urban Poor(BSUP) with Govt funding. The result is good but not enough. Thanks to this programme many urban poor are now having good housing with basic amenities. But there are so many others in waiting much much more than the ones who have received.

Mukul Gogoi

Urbanization is universal after traditional agrarian economy has become uneconomical for the rural people. They come for seeking job to the cities without much experience and technical knowhow. They need housing and employment with other amenities. They become members of the slum dwellers and increase the burden of the city. Should the rural economy not be strengthened for opportunity of jobs & employment to all so that the migration to the urban is restricted ?
Can cities do without migratory labour from rural or other areas ?
What should the strategy for fast growing populous states to receive urban migration of poor labors without creating slums?
How can the existing slum dwellers helped to create community organizations for their development of living standards?

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