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Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

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Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

A community of local government professionals interested discussing energy efficiency and renewable energy ideas and best practices, learning from their peers, getting information from experts in the group, learning about programs and resources from ICMA, and more.

The group can also exchange information on topics such as energy efficiency funding and financing, Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grants (EECBG), engaging citizens and businesses, and particuliar renewable energy technolgies (e.g., solar and wind).

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Amy Roberts

Tackle energy waste with EPA’s ENERGY STAR National Building Competition: BOOTCAMP! Enroll by 7/31 to join the fun and team up with ENERGY STAR to engage your building occupants and employees, and build a workplace culture of energy conservation.

Noa Gutterman

Want to learn more about energy efficiency opportunities for local governments? Register for one of ENERGY STAR's upcoming trainings and find out how your local government can utilize ongoing and new tools and programs.

To learn more, visit http://www.energysta.. or contact Noa Gutterman (

Hannah Wolford

May the best team win! Join EPA's National Building Competition to compete to save the most energy and money. See the full roster of competitors and learn more about the competition at

Hannah Wolford

Compete with commercial buildings in every state to see who can save the most energy and water! Join EPA's National Building Competition http://www.energysta..

Hannah Wolford

Free webinar alert: Learn more about how Kansas City encourages a more energy efficient local government‬ and community with ICMA and ENERGY STAR's Portfolio Manager. Register to attend on February 24th.

Hannah Wolford

What could your local government do with an extra $25,000!? For the past 2 years, that's how much the average competitor in the EPA's National Building Competition has saved in energy usage! Registration is now open for 2015, find out more at http://www.energysta..

Hannah Wolford

Share the gift of ENERGY STAR training! Join us to learn about a variety of topics, including achieving energy savings while preserving indoor air quality, updates to Portfolio Manager Web Services, green building rating systems, and how to use the Portfolio Manager tool. To view scheduled trainings and register, visit https://esbuildings...

Hannah Wolford

The 2015 ENERGY STAR Awards Application Deadline is quickly approaching! Applications are due by December 4, 2014 8PM EST. Apply now! http://www.energysta..

Hannah Wolford

Register now for the EPA ENERGY STAR Webinar: Energy Savings Plus Health: Indoor Air Quality Guidelines for School Building Upgrades at 1:00PM Nov 5th https://esbuildings...

Fritz Kreiss

Here's a short video that describes the environmental and economic benefits of developing a Community Virtual Solar Garden in your community:
I would certainly be able to provide more information to any interested parties.

Look forward to hearing from you,

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