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Workforce Development

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Workforce Development

Our mission is to prepare and promote a highly skilled and adaptive workforce for a healthy, sustainable economy. We hope this group will help you learn more about workforce development. We look forward to your discussions and collaboration. Please contact us with any questions!

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Linda Rad
Linda Rad said

What reporting, or communications do you provide on workforce development, to your organization?

William Sewell

We in South Africa are currently conducting research into effective municipal Workforce Skills Planning and Skills Development Facilitation; please assist with your well-informed insights and / or recommendations.

Gretchen Holmes

I am also new to the group and look forward to some really great insight and discussion on related issues.

Teresa Curlin

Hello. I'm new to the group and look forward to sharing and learning.

Rick Aronhalt

ICMA will be presenting a web conference on 9/13 at 1 pm: "A Boss's Guide to Performance Evaluations." Register now: http://learning.icma..

Rick Aronhalt

Harry Kenworthy will present "Fiscal Distress and Workforce Development: How To Improve Efficiency Without Clobbering Morale." This ICMA web conference will be held on 8/16 at 1 pm ET.

To register: http://learning.icma..

Jackie Belasky

I look forward to participating in this group and sharing information about how workforce management technology is serving the Public Sector throughout the nation.

Gretchen Martens

We just joined ICMA today and are excited to be exhibiting at the conference. Do your small businesses know about the benefits of hiring a veteran? We would love to explore collaborating with your community.

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