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Process Improvement Practitioners

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Process Improvement Practitioners

Focuses on how to create a culture of continuous process improvement in order to achieve results and realize desired outcomes.

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Todd Babcock

I'm looking for an example of a change management plan when deploying a new Lean program. Does anyone have any suggestions for developing and deploying a plan? Better to do in-house or consultant?

Larisa Benson

Google's Lucid Charts is free

Richard Baron

I have found Microsoft Visio to be the easiest to work with. However, there is a subscription fee.

Brian Chapman

Can anyone recommend a software program to help create flow charts and process maps?...preferably a free program

Wayne Sommer

I am a former 23-year staff member at ICMA who made the leap to local government 2 years ago. I am the internal audit manager at the City of Aurora, CO. IA may not sound much like process improvement, but our approach here is summed up in our mission statement: "We are partners for performance improvement." Looking forward to these conversations as well.

Richard Baron

I am a Process & Project Coordinator at Coconino County, Arizona. I look forward to engaging in Process Improvement discussions with the group.

Greg Reger
Greg Reger said

The City & County of Denver's (CCD) Peak Academy teaches Lean tools & concepts to employees, and offers non-CCD organizations the chance to send their employees through the classes as well. To date, over 70 participants from 42 non-CCD organizations have taken our weeklong training, and over 2000 CCD employees have received some training and identified over $13.7M in savings.

All of our training materials are available on our website, We've opened up a full session the week of August 4th to non-CCD participants. If you are interested, contact us at!

Robin Bradley

Robin Bradley

That is great to know because in Wichita, KS, I am looking at ways to bring Lean into our culture. I'll be in contact with you !

Mariana Llanso

If any of you is from Florida (our membership covers from Collier up the west and center to Polk and Pasco), we have the Florida Process Improvement Network. We meet quarterly to learn from, and network with, each other. William Follette could not have described it better - there is a general and historic lack of process focus and it begins with changing the culture. Until then, all we can do is apply the most relevant methodologies, provide solid analysis, and make sound recommendations.
Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!

Paula Romo

Paula Romo

I'm developing Process Improvement for the City of Fort Lauderdale and would like to connect with the FPIN to learn from what your group is doing.

Jared Hershberger

I need some help with Six Sigma Green Belt certification. I could really use some practice problems & answers. If possible, it would be great to get some coaching from an experienced Green Belt or Black Belt.

Robin Grimwade

Thank you for letting me joining the group I look forward to sharing information and participating in discussions

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