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Although it is not new in the world of technology, open source software is simply not spreading quickly through local governments within the United States (although it is prevalent in local governments in countries throughout the rest of the world). Given that "open source" refers to a type of software where the code making it work is freely available to use as well as modify/improve by anyone, it seems odd that local governments have not taken advantage of the cost-saving, performance- and security-improving possibilities of open source software. This group is designed for all types: local government leaders who do not have experience with open source software, as well as local government IT leaders who have experience with this type of computing; users of open source software with experiences they would like to share, and then those who are merely interested in learning about the numerous opportunities offered by open source software for local governments.

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Jennifer Smith

In case anyone is interested -- Arlington County will be sharing code with the open source community--read new release: http://news.arlingto..

Brian Derr
Brian Derr said

Calling Innovative Technologists: Code for America is offering ICMA-referred attendees half off the registration fee for the CfA Summit if you express interest by 8/24. See and use the referral code “ICMA”.

Steve Ardire

Citizen Dan Goes is now Live as first Open Semantic Framework instance

Discover & Play with Demo here

Michael Repas

Interested in reading about open source software and local governments? Go take a look at the articles and documents we have on the subject:

1) Search the Documents tab for "Open Source"
2) Go to the Technology Topic, and take a look at the more recent articles there (available at:

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