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Managers Who Teach

Do you remember your best teachers? The ones with a story to tell? The ones who got you excited? This is a profession rich with stories, and one that can easily captivate the minds of students of public service. ICMA's Advisory Board on Graduate Education urges members to share their experience by serving as adjunct faculty at a local university. Use this group to ask questions, share ideas and resources, and discuss teaching what you know at the undergraduate or graduate level.

Open to anyone who teaches, wants to teach, has taught, or wants to discuss teaching!

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Robert Carty

In case anyone is interested, Dr. Raymond Cox's column from the old Academic Matters newsletter is now available in a single PDF collection at

Roger Kemp
Roger Kemp said

I worked two years on this volume, which is based on the national best practices being used by cities and colleges (jointly).

... Town and Gown Relations: A Handbook of Best Practices (edited by Roger L. Kemp and published by McFarland and Co., Inc., 2013).

In addition to best practices being used in the US and Canada, appendices are included at the end of this volume dealing with a glossary of terms for this field; regional, national, and international resource directories; bibliographic references; model documents and agreements; and related "town and gown" information.

James White

Mr. Bennett, First let me say that I am happy to see that you are broadening your horizons by joining the world of academia.
I use the book, Public Administration: An Action Orientation, 7th edition. I have begun reading a new textbook entitled, Governing States and Localities. It seems very good and the 5th edition is fairly up to date. However, I'm only up to Chapter 5. Good Luck.

James Bennett

Good morning colleagues....I have just agreed to tech my first Master level class 'Managing Towns and Cities' for the Muskie School of Public Service at the University of Southern Maine. I am looking for suggested textbooks, readings and other course material that you have used that you believe is most beneficial. Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Roger Kemp
Roger Kemp said

I teach this class, and I use a great book well-written with many charts and tables, and it is titled "State and Local: Government by the People" by David B. Bagleby, Paul Light, and Christine Nemacheck (Pearson Education, Inc, 16th edition, 2014).

It's a GREAT State and Local Government book.
I have recommended it to other faculty members.

Craig Honeycutt

Looking a good State-Local government book for University class? Any good suggestions?

Cathy Davison

Cathy Davison

I found that ICMA's book and case study guide on local government management was exceptional. Particularly because of the case studies are experiences from the "trenches"

Stephen Harding

Stephen Harding

Hi Craig:
From my experience it is not easy to find a text that comprehensively covers both local and state government. They tend to weigh one over the other if they are covered in the same text at all. That being said, you may want to try "State and Localities-3rd Edition" by Kevin B. Smith, Alan Greenblatt, Michele Mariani Vaughn. It tends to read as an undergraduate text and it is definitely weighted on the "State" side of the conversation. It is by CQ Press. I have found that the text "Managing Urban America" by Robert E. England, John P. Pelissero, and David R. Morgan, also CQ Press, gives a good overview of the moving parts associated with local government policy making, management and decision making. Otherwise take a stab at utilizing ICMA's text Managing Local Government Services. Selection of any text book is primarily going to based upon your audience. You certainly can augment with ICMA case studies or ICMA's Effective Local Government Manager text but, in my opinion, these need to utilized as supplemental readings to highlight the broader concepts that you mind find in a text book of your liking.

Stay Well

Richard Carson

I am currently a doctorate student at Washington State University and have 30 years experience as a government manager. I am interested in teaching. My specific interest is in public sector organizational development, I/O psychology, public administration. My resume is on the web on my website ( and available through LinkedIn. My geographic area is the Portland-Vancouver metro area (OR/WA). Let me know if you have any tips. I am developing a syllabus through a WSU graduate teaching course this Fall.

James White

The course is, "Public Administration: American Bureaucracy"

Stephen Harding

Stephen Harding

Well I am not sure by the title if this follows a typical "Intro" course to P.A. or not. If it is, you may wish to consider such text books as: Public Administration--Understand Management, Politics, and Law in the Public Sector by Rosenbloom, Kravachuk, and Clerkin. Public Administration--Concepts and Cases by Stillman. If you have an urban focus I have supplemented this course with Managing Urban America by Morgan, England and Pelissero. For laughs you may want to use Up the Bureaucracy by H. George Frederickson. It is out of print but you can get a manuscript off of the internet. There is a lot of truism in his approach. He was required reading for me when I went through my MPA education 35 plus years ago. Stay Well

James White

I am scheduled to teach an undergraduate course again in Spring 2015. I used the textbook, "Public Administration: An Action Orientation". I found the book very good, but wondered if anyone has any other recommendations?

Stephen Harding

Stephen Harding

Hi James--What is the course?

Leslie Beauregard

I am teaching a graduate course this fall on evaluating public programs. Am seeking some ideas for textbooks, resources, etc. Thanks!

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