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Healthy Communities

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Healthy Communities

As obesity rates continue to increase (23 states saw increases in 2009), building healthy communities is becoming increasingly important. Local governments can play a significant role in providing access to fresh and healthy foods, increasing opportunities for physical activity, and building communities. Making these changes can help reduce rates of obesity and the diseases that accompany it. It can also help reduce the associated costs related to health care and lost productivity.

The Healthy Communities group is a peer-network among local government professionals interested in building healthy communities. This group is intended to create a forum for new information to be exchanged on active living and healthy eating initiatives in your communities.

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Christina Stasiuk

What would make a better time to alter your activity level than during National ‘Active Aging Week’? Well it is time that YOU add exercise to your to-do list. Exercise can decrease your risk of heart disease, increase productivity, and put you on track for a healthier you. Click here,, to learn about simple tips you can incorporate in your life to make YOU a healthier YOU.”

Christina Stasiuk

How many times do you say, ‘Thank you’ to your body? If you think about it, our bodies spoil us because the get rid of the toxins we put inside of it through processed foods, don’t you think its time we start treating them right? If you eat two cups of fruit a day and two cups of vegetables, it is the best ‘thank you’ you can give your body. Learn tips and tricks to incorporate fruits and veggies into your diet and

Christina Stasiuk

Be sure to make the most out of the rest of your summer and make sure you are taking care of your body. Nothing makes you as sluggish as being dehydrated. Be sure to read up on how to combat dehydration and learn healthy drink alternatives by reading and

Christina Stasiuk

One progressing issue today is the increase in skin cancer. By becoming more aware of ways that you can protect your skin, you can decrease your risk and prevent skin cancer. For additional information and other safety tips to make the rest of your summer a safe one, please see and

Elizabeth McKinney

Given all the recent coverage regarding obesity in children and healthy eating habits, etc. Has anyone seen any models (in this area) of community supported agriculture in partnerships with schools or other venues that promote healthy, sustainable foodstuffs and local agriculture? I know NYC does a fair amount and I'm aware of one local organic market in the area that is working with a school. Anybody know of any other movements?

Beth Offenbacker

Hi everyone, based on the recent threads just want to pass on info about a program I am working on for Feb 3 on health collaborations at the local community level in case it's of interest, see http://www.publicdec... Best, Beth

Sondra Healy

Our City has a citizen-led group called "Goodyear in ACTION" which has spearheaded the National League of Cities Mayors Action Challenge for Children and Families. They are holding the second annual Goodyear in ACTION Day, a health and wellness festival. They formed a 501c3. Visit to see what they do.

Evelina Moulder

If your local government has a formal plan to design a healthy community, please add it to the document library.

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