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Managers Forum: A Reflection on Leadership & Leading Innovation through Organizational Transitions

Summary, dicussion guide & handout


by the Alliance for Innovation & City of Raleigh, NC

As part of the Managers Forum ongoing series, the Alliance for Innovation provides a platform for local government administrators and emerging leaders to share their experience and hopefully inspire the next local government innovator.

From career planning to dealing with the politics of the position, local government managers deal with a variety of issues, big and small.

Join the Alliance for Innovation for a conversation between Tansy Hayward, Assistant City Manager of City of Raleigh, NC and Jerry Newfarmer, Founder, Management Partners, to hear about:

  • Career challenges and being prepared to take advantage of opportunities
  • Dealing with silos and integrating organizational culture
  • How to maintain a focus on innovation and culture through changes in leadership
  • A sneak preview of the discussion that will take place at this fall’s BIG Ideas conference held in Raleigh

This one-hour webinar will include a facilitated discussion by Jerry Newfarmer and will allow time for your questions.

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