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It Takes a Village: Organizational Training for Employees…by Employees

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InnovationAlliance for Innovation Recommended

by the City of Decatur, GA, County of Adams, CO & the Alliance for Innovation

Stale and unstimulating lectures. Non-engaging learning materials. Adapted to only one learning style.

If this feels like your local government organization’s internal training program, perhaps it’s time to re-imagine your approach and try some new tactics. The need for internal staff development programs is stronger than ever - learn from those on the leading edge of involving employees to help revitalize their programs.

From developing future organizational leaders to engaged teams, do you have a stronger asset than your very own staff? 


  • How to determine if an internal leadership program is right for your organization.
  • Learning about two approaches used to create a motivated team to take on the task of developing and delivering training.
  • Developing a program that breeds innovation and becomes sustainable.
  • Five things to implement now that are new and no/low cost
  • Experiencing and replicating life hack sessions

Additional Readings:

Review the City of Decatur, GA case study “E5 Academy” & Adams County, CO case study “Rethinking Training and Organizational Development

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