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Police, the Community, and the Local Government Manager

Transcript of the 2015 ICMA Annual Conference telephonic media event.

Much attention has focused recently on the underlying factors that have shaped police-community relations, including the need to build law enforcement-resident engagement and trust; institute sustained transparency; and ensure consistency, fairness, and procedural justice. Yet, comparatively less attention has been paid to the role local governments can play in mitigating potential crises and fostering a climate that encourages resident engagement and community oversight of law enforcement. 

On September 29, 2015, in conjunction with the 101st annual conference of ICMA, the International City/County Management Association, a five-member panel of local government leaders and experts participated in a telephonic media event titled “Police, the Community, and the Local Government Manager.” During this hour-long call the panel offered their perspectives on the President’s Task Force Report on 21st Century Policing and its potential impact on local governments, as well as ways to enhance community engagement, transparency, and trust while implementing policing technologies, strategies, and tactics.

This document is the transcript of the panel discussion portion of the September 29 event. To listen to the entire audio, including the question-and-answer portion, download the audio recording of the call.

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