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First-Time Administrator's Handbook

ICMA Recommended

by ICMA First-Time Administrators Task Force

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First published in 2000, and revised in 2010, this handbook is a steadfast guide for first-time administrators. The document covers five ares: first administrator in a community, first time as an administrator, promotion to administrator from within, new to local government, and resources. All these topics are covered in the publication, along with tips and checklists for the first-time administrator.

To assist managers with their daily challenges, ICMA's First-Time Administrator Task Force prepared this concise yet comprehensive guide. Covers items that should be considered before an interview, during an interview, before accepting a position, and before starting a new position. Describes what might be important for first week, first month, three to six months, and beyond. Both emerging leaders and veteran managers can benefit from this handbook's suggestions.

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Kevin Carter

Kevin Carter said

I loved working on this.


Looks great.

Scot Fodi

Scot Fodi said

Perfect. I forwarded my old copy to a new colleague and needed to get this back into my collection as a "reminder" tool.


Looks great. This has been indispensable.

Philip Alleyne

Philip Alleyne said

it's a great reference tool to have at your disposal.

Luke Lewis

Luke Lewis said

I've just started my first City Administrator position, and this handbook is a must for your toolbox of knowledge. The City Manager of Oregon City, OR, Mr. Frasher refered me to this.

Nels Christensen

Nels Christensen said

ICMA has great Publications. I would recommend this to anyone wanting to improve thier knowledge of city management.

John Perez

John Perez said

Great tools, must read to for expanding your general knowledge base and professional development.

Kevin Baity

Kevin Baity said

What a great resource. I just forwarded it to a first-time, newly appointed, interim manager.

Kenneth Creque

Kenneth Creque said

Great resource, I probably should have read this two years ago, glad I did.

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