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Newest Cohort to Receive Solar-Friendly Designation Is Highlighted by Professionally Managed Communities

Yesterday, November 17, SolSmart announced the designation of seven new cities and counties for taking key steps to address local barriers to solar energy and otherwise foster the growth of strong local solar markets. In conjunction with its announcement, the program held an event at the National League of Cities City Summit in Pittsburgh, PA to formally recognize these communities. Charleston County, SC; Inyo County, CA; Orlando, FL; Perry, IA; Pinecrest, FL; and West Hollywood, CA achieved SolSmart Bronze designation. Indianapolis, IN achieved SolSmart Silver designation with a special award in planning, zoning, and development review. In addition, two communities previously designated SolSmart Bronze moved up to the SolSmart Gold designation: Claremont, CA and Redwood City, CA.

Five of these newly designated solar-friendly communities have professional managers leading the push to provide their citizens and businesses with the necessary tools and support to invest in solar. ICMA would particularly like to highlight the ICMA members playing integral roles as managers in these communities as their organizations make it faster, easier, and cheaper to go solar.

City of Perry, IA
Sven Peterson, City Administrator 

Village of Pinecrest, FL
Yocelyn Galiano, ICMA-CM, Village Manager
Maria A. Menendez, ICMA-CM, Assistant Village Manager

City of West Hollywood, CA
Paul Arevalo, City Manager

City of Claremont, CA
Tony Ramos, City Manager

City of Redwood City, CA
Melissa Stevenson Diaz, City Manager

Yesterday's announcement brings the total number of SolSmart designees to 29 since the program began in April 2016. The SolSmart program anticipates that many more cities and counties will receive the designation in short order, and the program provides no-cost technical assistance to help make that happen.

To find out how your city or county can gain recognition for your solar efforts, visit #BeSolSmart


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