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Local Gov Life, Podcast Episode 3: Reinvigorating Downtown

Local Gov Life is a mix of stories, insights, and advice from local government leaders. Host Rob Carty, ICMA Director, Career Services and Next Generation Initiatives, provides the narrative that guides you through each episode.

Episode 3 takes an in-depth look at the downtown initiatives of three different communities and the strategies their local government leaders are using to reinvigorate their downtown districts.



The first segment features Wally Bobkiewicz, city manager, and Damir Latinovic, neighborhood and land use planner, city of Evanston, Illinois, using a “tool box” of strategies to attract and retain businesses in their downtown districts. They also speak about how location and surrounding institutions can be huge assets in downtown revitalization if managed properly.



David Rauch, business analyst, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, in the next segment shares with us the story of how he was able to bring residents out to their downtown with the power of music. When David first arrived in Edmonton he implemented and managed an innovative outdoor piano program.



In the final segment of this episode, Peggy Merriss, city manager, Decatur, Georgia, tells the story about how 25 years ago there was a plan to erase Decatur’s downtown, and citizens spoke up to stop it. Now Decatur has an award-winning downtown, but there is a downside to downtown revitalization.


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