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About the Knowledge Network

Vision Statement

Committed to fostering excellence and innovation in local government, the Knowledge Network is an online community for local government professionals built on the following ideals:

Rich Content
Breadth and depth of content in all facets of local government operations and management. 
Social Networking and Knowledge Exchange
Within an open environment, ability to network and exchange ideas with a worldwide community of experts in local government and topics related to local government.
A partnership of ICMA, the Alliance for Innovation and the School of Public Affairs at Arizona State University, the Knowledge Network is designed as a shared resource.  Via open architecture, local governments, groups, organizations and affiliated associations are provided seamless access, interaction, and knowledge exchange.  The Knowledge Network actively seeks new partners providing pathways to fresh, engaging content and new user audiences.
Global Scope
The free flowing exchange of concepts, ideas and best practices occurs without boundaries.  City leaders in developing nations are able To access the functionality of the Knowledge Network to seek answers to their unique challenges and spur resource sharing and knowledge exchange throughout their countries.

Questions or comments about the Knowledge Network may be directed to:


Juniper Korkie


Jason Rollins