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While You Were Out...

Welcome back from the conference, attendees!  In your absence we have some great new things on the Knowledge Network!

A few blogs have been updated.  The Center for Management Strategies wants to thank you for attending our conference.  Governmental Affairs and Public Policy's blog has some parting information for you, and we have some closing remarks on the 2012 Conference Blog.  

The ICMA Center for Center for Sustainable Communities is back to business as usual, and they have some great information on using youth as an asset for sustainability success.  

Some of our users have been asking some pretty interesting questions:

Some documents have made their way here from the conference as well.  This one comes from a presentation on making government a partner in citizen engagement and community building.  Another presentation tackled partnering for innovation and service delivery.  

For something completely different, IDEAS has put out their quarterly report on using government to pave the way for private industry jobs, rather than engaging in "job creation."

That's all for this week!  Remember to sign in and join the conversation here on the Knowledge Network!