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42 Most Popular Knowledge Network Documents

Filled with sample contracts, job descriptions, RFPs, articles, reports, and more, the Knowledge Network's document library is your first stop for local government research. But with more than 7,000 documents, which ones rise to the top?

In March 2012, our 42 most popular documents, listed below, were each viewed an average of at least once per day. They come from cities, towns, and counties large and small; from industry and association partners; and of course from the Knowledge Network partners, ICMA and the Alliance for Innovation. Covering a wide range of topics, including career resources, form of government, leadership, public safety, sustainability, libraries, special events, citizen engagement, and social media, to name a few, these resources reflect the diversity of the local government issues.

What about the rest of those documents? A total of 2,135 documents were viewed at least once last month, making this a remarkably broad resource for thousands of users looking for local government info. That leaves just under 70% of the library sitting untouched on the shelf, but those documents will be there when you need them!

Does your organization have a useful resource to add to the list? Submit a document to help thousands of local government professionals learn from your experience. Contributions directly from local government keep the Knowledge Network most relevant to its users.

Most viewed documents, March 2012

  1. ICMA Code of Ethics with Guidelines (ICMA)
  2. Putting Smart Growth to Work in Rural Communities (ICMA)
  3. Organizational Development Manager Job Description (City of Rockville, Md.)
  4. Sustainability Manager Job Description (City of Durham, N.C.)
  5. Maximize the Potential of Your Public Library (ICMA)
  6. A Manager's Guide to Evaluating Citizen Participation (IBM Center for the Business of Government)
  7. Coping with Crisis: How are local governments reinventing themselves in the wake of the great recession? (Carl Stenberg, ICMA Governmental Affairs and Policy Committee)
  8. Facts You Should Know: 2012 Fact Sheet - State and municipal bankruptcy, municipal bonds, and state and local pensions (ICMA, et al.)
  9. The Future of Local Government (Alliance for Innovation)
  10. The City of Carrollton, TX Celebrates 10 Successful Years as Managed Competition Practitioners (City of Carrollton, Tex.)
  11. Using Data to Right-Size Police and Fire (ICMA)
  12. City Manager Performance Evaluation (University of Tennessee Institute for Public Service)
  13. 2011 ICMA Solar Survey Summary Results (ICMA)
  14. First-Time Administrators Handbook (ICMA)
  15. ICMA's 2011 CAO Salary Survey Results for Cities by State and Population Group (ICMA)
  16. City Manager Evaluation Form (City of Bonner Springs, Kan.)
  17. March is National Ethics Awareness Month: Make Ethics Your Personal Cause (ICMA)
  18. Smarter, Faster, Cheaper: An Operations Efficiency Benchmarking Study of 100 American Cities (IBM’s Public Sector Strategy and Innovation Practice)
  19. ICMA 2010 Sustainability Survey Results (ICMA)
  20. Council-Manager Form of Government: Frequently Asked Questions (ICMA)
  21. ICMA 2011 CAO Salary and Compensation Survey Results (ICMA)
  22. Forms of Local Government Structure (ICMA)
  23. City Attorney Performance Evaluation Form (League of California Cities)
  24. Memorandum of Understanding for Land Purchase and Redevelopment (Norfolk Redevelopment and Housing Authority)
  25. ICMA Code of Ethics (ICMA)
  26. Sample Library Strategic Planning RFP (Town of Mooresville, Ind.)
  27. What Works: Sample Procurement Case Study (ICMA)
  28. Recruitment Guidelines for Selecting a Local Government Administrator (ICMA)
  29. Local Government Use of Social Media to Prepare for Emergencies (ICMA)
  30. Report and Recommendations regarding a new Organizational Structure for the Police and Fire Departments (City of Walker, Mich.)
  31. Sample Manager Severance Agreement (ICMA)
  32. Benchmarking Challenges for High Performance Organizations (City of Carlsbad, Calif.)
  33. Citizen Feedback Survey: Business License Office (City of Atlanta, Ga.)
  34. E-Government 2011 Survey Summary (ICMA)
  35. County of Sonoma Executive Development IV (Sonoma County, Calif.)
  36. Organization Chart Unique with Circles and Topics (City of Novi, Mich.)
  37. Connected Communities: Local Governments as a Partner in Citizen Engagement and Community Building (Alliance for Innovation)
  38. PMP (Performance Management Plus) Project Proposal (Douglas County, Nev.)
  39. Volunteer Job Description Form (City of Roseville, Calif.)
  40. Special Event Comment Card (Town of Cary, N.C.)
  41. Process Improvement Tools: Progressive Techniques to Simplify Government Processes (Craig Rapp, et al.)
  42. What Works: Information Technology Sample Case Study (ICMA)

There's plenty more where that came from! Check out the full document library to search filter by document type, or browse documents in a topic of interest.