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Top Software for Delivering the Right Mix of Products to Customers

Have you invested in or upgraded to solid product configurator software for your business? This type of software helps your customers pick out the best mix of products and services they might want when they come to your website.

When shopping for a web-based product configurator, you’ll be faced with many options. Make a wise choice based on un-biased, third party reviews, checking out demos, and using free trials to get a sneak peek into what you can expect. The history of the company can also make a difference, although basing a decision solely on how long a software company has been established can be a mistake. History is just part of the package—don’t overlook innovation, products and passion.

Take a look at these top contenders of the year. Each is reputable, high-quality and making big waves. Which one will take your sales team to the next level in 2017?


1. Salesforce Product Configurator Software

Salesforce is a legend in the quote-to-cash market, offering a variety of software products designed to make your sales team faster, savvier and more successful. Their product configurator software lets you build and update quotes quickly, personalize quotes for every customer, and completely eliminates manual data entry. You get the equivalent of a virtual assistant math whizz for every sales team member.


2. Technicon CPQ for Manufacturers

If you’re in the manufacturing business, you might be after a product configuration solution that is designed exclusively for your industry. Technicon can deliver, especially when many manufacturers are handling complex solutions for a wide range of customers. You can guide product selection, leverage your CRM, and turn quotes into cash fast.


3. CallidusCloud

Like any premium configure price quote (CPQ) software solution, CallidusCloud features a free 30-day trial. However, what really stands out are their stunning proposals which can be crafted with ease in minutes. Simply turn what your customer wants into the perfect proposal with more speed and flexibility than ever before. You can use this software anytime on any device and anywhere in the world. It’s scalable, simple to use, and sales teams are given the power to give customers what they deserve.


4. KBMax

In addition to all the bells and whistles you’re guaranteed to find with a top-of-the-line product configuration software solution, KBMax goes the extra mile with 3-D renderings. It might not be a must for every type of business, but if you think your customers will be wowed and convinced by checking out 3-D proposals and quotes, this is the solution for you. It’s especially popular with retailers, architects, and other businesses where seeing a 3-D rendering of the final product might be the ultimate selling point.


5. Verenia Eos CPQ

Let all your sales team members log in from their device of choice to configure and get CPQ information in a snap. This highly-rated solution promises 100 percent order and quote accuracy, is user-friendly and has a gorgeous interface. At the core of this solution is intuitiveness. It’s perfect for sales teams that may have a higher turnover or a lot of onboarding.


6. Blueprint CPQ

Give your sales crew a serious “Blueprint” with the latest data, quotes, customer information and more with one powerful tool. In addition to a free trial, you can also get a customized demo to see exactly how this solution will serve your business. Focus on collaboration and engagement to optimize the ‘lead-to-order’ process for any sized business.

There’s no one perfect solution for every business or sales team. Comparison shop, use those trials, and in some cases, trust your gut. Choose a solution that’s able to integrate with the current positive approaches of your business, and one that your team takes to with ease. Only software that integrates and is loved will actually be used—and in turn improve your business.