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On the road (again!) in North Carolina and Virginia


Happy Spring everyone!!

Last week I visited members in North Carolina and Virginia. I also visited a promising potential new member (to be announced soon!!) and they instigated a new twist on the meeting with their staff. They invited two of the Alliance Ambassadors’ shining stars to come and tell how they use the Alliance, how they engage, how they get staff to engage, and a lot of good information on how to get started with the Alliance. Thank you, Josh Edwards, Strategic Initiatives Manager for the City of Durham, NC, and Michael Davis, Strategic Initiative Manager for Durham County, NC. Josh and Michael did a great job of telling their Alliance story and truly gave a members’ point of view to the benefits and resources. I asked them to go on the road with me, but they declined!! This approach did plant the idea in my head of inviting close-by Ambassadors to come with me and speak to potential members. It was fun and engaging and offered a multi-level view of the Alliance. Ambassadors in the East Region, if you’re reading this and would be interested in participating in this way, please be in touch with me. We all benefit by strengthening the network and enriching the collaboration among members. 

In April, I'm on the road (again!!) to the ICMA NE and SE Summits, and how can I not mention the TLG Conference, April 18-21 in Tulsa, OK. I hope to see you there.

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