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4 Reasons Why You're Not Getting The Leads You Want

There is probably nothing more frustrating than spending time, money, and energy into creating quality content that not only tanks amongst your audience, but does not return a single lead once you’ve put it out. It’s difficult having to muster up the motivation needed to create good content after failing to see results the first time, especially when you’re not seeing tangible results.

It’s why most marketers give up their content marketing pretty early on. They decide that content marketing isn’t a strategy that truly works for their industry after all so they drop their efforts and move onto something new. Before throwing in the towel on your efforts, first assess why you’re not getting the results you want and determine if there are any adjustments to make. Remember, implementing a flawless multiplying qualified lead from the get-go, is a rarity. The reality is like most marketing efforts, generating the leads you want from your content strategy will almost always have a slow start. If you’re looking to understand how to get your efforts off of the ground, here are some of the things you should consider as you study your efforts and why you’re not producing the leads you want.

You’ve Got Lofty Expectations And Little Experience


Having unreasonable exceptions is a common mistake marketers make when implementing their efforts to accelerate lead generation. As a marketer, it’s vital to remember that building a consistent, sustainable lead generation process takes time and effort. Most companies end up building flat funnels that do little to help them earn the attention of their market. Learn from their mistakes and walk away with the understanding that it takes time to receive the results you want, and the worst thing you can do is to try to take a shortcut.

Your Prospects Aren’t Aware of Who You Are Or Your Presence


It’s hard to get your content to gain traction amongst your target audience, when they haven’t a clue who you are. In today’s overcrowded digital media space, consumers are interested in finding brands that they can depend on for valuable and informative information. The nature of these online behaviors and loyalties demonstrate the fact that trusted relationships are very important. Consumers are looking for content published by sites they’re familiar with and scroll passed those they have no knowledge of.

One of the steps you can take to establish yourself amongst and audience and build a relationship with them is to survey customers and garner an understanding of what’s happening in their world and what they’re interested. Start plugging into the conversations your target audience is taking part in by getting involved in their Facebook groups and following them on other social media channels. Having an active presence will help consumers become more familiar with your name and the type of content you publish.

Your Message Isn't Resonating With Your Audience Persona


One of the greatest culprits behind a lack of leads is a brand message that falls flat amongst an audience and fails to pique their interest. Having a clear persona will allow you to take the crucial first step of getting inside your target audience’s head and harness a better understanding of how they see the world. Remember, while you might want to push content that focuses on what it is that you’re selling, your consumers want content that teaches them about what they might desire to learn. Instead of narrowing your content efforts on promoting your brand and product, turn your attention instead to pushing content that helps consumers make informed decisions about purchases in your field.

You Have Content That Isn’t Packaged Correctly


Some formats work well in one vertical for some companies and totally fail in another for others. For example, sometimes short, breezy content like lists and assessment tools can drive a response from an audience. Other times, long-form content works instead. It’s here that having an understanding of what your audience wants and likes is crucial. Getting the message, the format and the medium right are all crucial components to a successful content marketing campaign. To ensure you stay in line with the desires of your prospects, be sure that you’re always testing different formats.