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8 Best Performance Management Blog Posts

When inboxes overflow and calendars fill up, it’s impossible to read everything that comes your way. That’s why we’ve collected these 8 popular posts from ICMA’s Performance Management & Analytics Blog. Take a look.

Time to Rethink Performance Management

Tom Miller makes a case for the value of comparative benchmarking on a limited set of key indicators.

At a Glance: Aligning Strategic Goals with Measurable Outcomes

A popular infographic from Johns Hopkins University Center for Government Excellence makes the process clear and accessible.

What’s Your Data Challenge?

It's easy to measure progress toward many of your local government's goals--but what about the hard-to-measure ones? Gerald Young has suggestions.

You Have Loads of Data. Make the Data Useful!

Performance management guru Harry Hatry of the Urban Institute explains how to get the most important information from the tons of data you collect.

Engaging Program Managers in Performance Management

Performance management requires commitment from top management—but to work, it can’t just be top-down. David Ammons of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill explains the crucial role of department-level staff.

Leading Practices in Performance Management

Jackson Tuttle recaps a webinar featuring Harvard’s Bob Behn and managers of three local governments known for their performance management leadership.

Open Data 101

Great tips and examples from the Sunlight Foundation provide guidance for developing and using open data policies.

Performance Measurement: Lessons Learned

Check out 5 lessons learned about performance measurement programs from ASPA and the IBM Center for The Business of Government.

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