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6 Ways To Become A Growth Hacker

The job title “Growth Hacker” has been integrating itself into the startup world for quite some time now. Growth hackers themselves are seen as the ultimate hybrid of marketer and coder. They look at the traditional question, “How do I get customers for my business?” and answer it with a process of A/B testing. In optimizing a startup's efforts to obtain consumer retention, growth hackers discover and develop a marketing strategy that can take their endeavors to the next level.


If your goal is to obtain a position as one of the highest-paid marketing roles in the startup world, consider the following tips:


Start Devouring As Many Books As You Can About Growth Hacking

There’s a learning stage for every talent and skill — growth hacking is no different. To truly gain an understanding of growth hacking and the process it requires, you’ll have to start obtaining as much information out there about it as possible. Get your hands on any and all information that could give you some insight into what growth hacking is and how it works. Once you’ve obtained all of the information you need, start putting it into practice. As a growth hacker, putting your knowledge into action will always be an important step.


Get A Mentor Who Has Done It Before

You can read, self-teach, and practice all you want, but having a mentor to help guide you through the learning process will be vital. Not only will you eliminate the heartaches and frustration that will come with the process of learning, but you’ll also have someone to help you overcome some of the greatest obstacles that accompany growth hacking. What’s more, you’ll gain a chance to learn valuable insider growth hacking secrets. As you look around for a mentor, be sure to ask for help from someone who does it as a profession.


Start Connecting All of Your Thoughts To Growth Hacking

Growth hacking has always been about mindset than it has been about tactics and techniques. To become a truly successful growth hacker, you have to have an unshakeable desire to continually produce growth. Encourage yourself to see growth hacking in all of your efforts. Every task that you take on at work should be directly tied to an attempt to grow.


Master Hacking One Step At A Time

There’s a reason why there are so few growth hackers available on the job market: growth hacking has a huge arena. At the end of the day, growth hacking is not unlike a person’s effort to obtain a college education without ever actually going to college. All on your own you have to figure out where to start, what to put in your curriculum, as well as learn and how to study.

Break down your learning process into manageable segments and tackle one portion of growth hacking at a time. Select a section in a particular area of growth hacking that makes you excited or curious and focus your efforts on reading, learning and practicing it. Once you narrow in on one area of growth hacking and master it, then you will find yourself well on your way to learning growth hacking altogether.


Learn About Marketing

Growth hacking is a single factor in the broader field of marketing. So, to be a truly successful growth hacker, you have to become a truly successful marketer. To do so, you should start out by learning the basics of marketing. This learning strategy is of particular importance because everything that you do as a growth hacker will come from the core concepts of marketing. While the tactics of growth hacking and traditional marketing vary considerably, at a foundational level, their goals are on in the same. To master it, you need to have an understanding of what marketing is all about.


Become An Analytics Expert

To be a great growth hacker, you must adopt an extremely analytical frame of mind. To step into this mindset, you have to start garnering respect for data. As a growth hacker, you will take action according to what the data tells you, so you’ll also want to develop a dependency on it as well. Data will help you to determine what parts of your marketing ventures are working and what parts are not. It will help you to decipher growth from decline and the raw information that is necessary to planning your decisions and behaviors. Making the decision to ignore data will only stunt your progress in becoming a growth hacker.