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Into the Lens

Forget the Oscars, Emmys, and Grammys. On February 23, Public Management (PM) print magazine was awarded a 2016 All Media Award by Association TRENDS for creativity in both graphics and substantive content. A mighty fine award considering the competition included magazines much larger than PM.

And where does that substantive content come from? Local government managers and professionals around the world, that’s who! I know this better than anyone after working at ICMA and this publication for a good number of years. Plus it’s why I work at ICMA—to communicate with and then share what has been contributed by talented, generous, and caring authors who contribute to each issue.

Often PM authors take on issues that can be challenging. The March issue is no exception. James Coldren and Michael White focus on the value of body-worn police cameras; Karen Davis, on U.S. and Mexican local governments working closely together; and Scott Lazenby, on strengthening the value of the MPA degree.

The magazine’s council relations columnist Mike Conduff writes on building governance stability, and PM’s career track columnist Patrick Ibarra helps readers with creating a career path. Two International Ties department articles, one by Cory Fleming and another by Bill Monahan, feature Semarantg, Indonesia, and China.

W. Patrick (Pat) Pete recommends six ways to avoid pitfalls when implementing such major technology enhancements as an enterprise resource planning system. Josh Behounek describes how to minimize storm damage to trees and the resulting impact on people and property.

The magazine’s On Point contributors—Brenda Gunn, Oliver Chi, Jeaneen Clauss Witt, and Harland Jefferson—answer the tricky question, “How Do you Stay Involved with and Helpful (but Not Annoying) to Elected Officials?”

Three PM+ authors have much to offer as well. Jil Johnson points out that not being assertive can doom people to continually being passed over for jobs. Eliakim Thorpe shares that every successful organization realizes that radical change cannot occur unless it has a roadmap to create the vision. And Julie Benezet delves into leadership, avoiding conflicts, and solving problems.

March 12 is Plant a Flower Day and March 20 is Take a Walk in the Park Day. A new PM department “The Manageable List,” focuses on some fun trivia related to these dates. 

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