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8 Out of the Box Social Media Tips to Drive Conversions

Today’s marketers are relying on social media marketing strategies to spark target audience interest and boost their businesses to success. So much so that, recent research has revealed that social media referrals are what lead to 30 percent of a site’s overall traffic.


If your business hasn’t quite yet reached this point, it might be time to consider what aspects of your social media strategy isn’t working. Likely, you’ve tried out just about every strategy that has popped up at the top of your search engine in vain. The truth is, these sites and pages that promise to deliver optimum results are running on the same tactics. Not only are they hackneyed and banal, they’ve been rendered uninteresting by users who see right through them.


If you’re looking to take your social media efforts to the next level and effectively engage your audience, we’ve got you covered. Grab a pen,take some notes and read these out of the box tips on how to get your social media efforts to drive conversions.


Use Emojis and Get Creative With Your Tweets


The content on Twitter comes in at a constant stream of black text over a white surface. As such, plain old tweets and hashtags can become easily passed over for ones that are more colorful and less monotonous. Custom format your tweets to break up regular short-form messages and catch your followers' attention. They may seem a bit immature at first, but fun emojis, symbols, and GIFs can be a great way to make you stand out.

Post Content That Highlights Your Brand As The Ultimate Solution


Providing a solution to a common problem has always been the cornerstone of business. Consumers are more prone to purchasing products and services that solve their everyday struggles. Reel in customers by providing them with more than just a product that serves as an answer to a concern. Publish helpful content. Use social media to post content related to your brand that can help users to tackle their everyday concerns. Hairfinity is a brand for women that does this well. While they sell vitamins for women looking to obtain healthier hair over time, they also have a blog that gives women access to content that surrounds their immediate and everyday concerns.


Write Posts That Are Longer


Social media pages like Twitter sometimes hold character limits that have little to no budging room. Consider ways to loophole these rules. Twitter might have a 140-character limit on individual tweets, but plenty of celebrity apologies have proved that messages can’t be limited. Of course, you won’t want to go overboard, but consider a series of cliffhanger tweets that will allow you to post a longer message.  If you’re not committed to using Twitter and other limiting channels, other platforms like Google Plus and Facebook also offer a longer content filled post option.


Get A Facebook Group


As organic reach for brand Facebook pages continues to wane, marketers ought to consider the effectiveness of Facebook groups. Marketers can use the Facebook tool to add a targeted audience to a brand’s Facebook circle and promote content to them. Not only will inviting users to your group allow you to directly feed information about your brand to them, but it will also give users a way of managing how your content is received. Definitely social media’s best win-win scenario.


Embed All Call To Actions


Call to action, or CTA, buttons are the links brands can use other site and landing pages to guide users towards a goal conversion. It can become the most important part of a landing page as it provides users with simple and straightforward directions on how to take the action a business wants them to take.Drive clicks and traffic to your site by adding call to action buttons on your regular posts. Facebook’s embedded feature can increase click-throughs for brands and produce optimum results all without creating an ad.


Use More Than One Channel


You should always be trying to convert Facebook fans into Twitter and Instagram followers. Getting connected to users on every social media channel that they’re logged into, will increase your reach and help you to deliver a consistent message. Regularly sharing content and posts on a targeted audience’s social network will always keep you top of mind among followers.


Encourage Customers and Your Own Team To Share


Getting users of your product to promote your brand can be an easy and cheap way of getting your name out there. Offer them an incentive to share posts or positive reviews to get their own followers familiar with and attached to your brand. Also, remember that your team is packed with regular people who have friends and family that trust their word. As such, you should also turn to your employees for shared content and positive reviews. By promoting your brand on their social media, they’ll be reinforcing their trust and love for your company.


Get A Celebrity To Takeover

For businesses that have the networking means, recruiting a familiar face (social media, entertainment or otherwise) can be a great way to bring buzz to your brand. Recruit a celebrity to take on the task of doing a social-media account takeover and get them to talk about what they love the most about your brand and the services you offer. Video blogs and reviews can be a great way to start a conversation about the work going on behind the scenes of your company and to promote the results of your work.